TUF Nations Finale: Bisping vs Kennedy GIFS, Results and Highlights

Michael Bisping vs. Tim Kennedy GIFS

In the first round Tim was able to control Bisping on the ground, in the second round bisping started using the octagon to land punches. By the second round Tim looked exhausted. Here are the gifs.Tim Kennedy took the bout by UD. A lot of people were worried for Bisping because of the issues he has had with his eyes.

Michael bisping was using footwork to control the octagon.

Tim kennedy landed a right hook that stumbled Michael Bisping.

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Jon Jones Hacked? LetUsBang Interviews the Victim

Earlier today Jon Jones supposedly went on Instagram to call a couple of kids derogatery terms.

Jon Jones Hacked or Homophobic?

Through twitter we got the chance to Interview Daniel Javid the story goes that Daniel Javid sent Jon Jones a message on twitter saying “How can you say you have three times the heart @AlexTheMauler has? You were carried out of the cage and now u dodge a rematch..” the tweet was sent hours before Jon Jones took to twitter and commented on various pictures with what seems to be gay people.

When we asked Daniel Javid if the tweet was before the comments he replied with a simple “Yes”


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latest NICK DIAZ interview

Is 209 pushing too much?

Gil gets a good break because of timing, Viacom wanted him after a good showing against the THEN champ Benson. But do you guys think Nick is pushing too much now?

Asking to get out of his contract? His last interview it would mean he was asking $500k just to show! (and double down on a win plus ppv pts naturally) Would you all pay this much to watch him?


*The next part is all opinion only (Don’t hate NDNH)

Personally he isn’t worth that kinda money to me. I would watch him fight all day. But has he ever wont UFC gold? Has he ever made changes to his game to achieve it? Thats the ONLY way i ever see him getting the belt. Sure he beat up BJ Penn. But BJ would fight Megatron and Batman (Not you Sav) at the same time if you let him.

Condit purely outclassed him and deserved the interim title. So to me there are a few guys in line before he deserves a show at Hendrix. Why not give him Lawler or Rory or someone 1st? Thats fair, he says he’s always had a tuff life well prove it, stop trying to jump the line and sell your wolf tickets!


As for his boxing career! IF HE IS LUCKY someone will buy his contract in the hope they make the money back in a freak show fight. No boxing fan is going to pay for more than 1 PPV fight on him. Would I pay for more than 1 James Toney mma fight? Fuck no unless he somehow won against a legitimate opponent and I don’t see Diaz doing that with 1 pro bout?

He’s played his cards too open and Dana is just going to let him and his brother  sit on the sidelines until those to goofballs realize the reality of business.


Money talks, Dana and the UFC has it. Promotors and fighters alike want it. They will both me back at work inside the octagon within the years end. They are only wasting their OWN time.

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Two fights booked for Jake Matthews post TUF Nations

Melbourne’s Jake MAtthews

Although his run in the TUF house was ended by Canadian Oliver Aubin-Mercier who is fighting in the finale. Jake was passed up any opportunity to fight on the card for the UFC.

However, it would seem he’s already found himself lining up for fights back on home soil.

At a 6-0 record I believe the 19 year old has not only time but potential to hone in his skillset and believe that in time and hopefully if he can perhaps with the help of his father (his coach) make a summer or winter trip to the US and gain some valuable experience in a quality US wrestling gym (something us Aussie’s lack at the highest levels) he can really go far in his dream.

Matthews hasn’t fought locally since submitting Dean Purdon at AFC 6 back in August of 2013. With that victory, Matthews had earned himself a shot at the promotion’s welterweight title opposite Corey Nelson at AFC 7. That fight never eventuated however, with ‘The Celtic Kid’ impressing on UFC officials at the TUF trials and subsequently scoring himself a spot in the series.

It’s worth note that Matthews also recently spent a little time after the show traveling to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to train alongside Team Australia coach Kyle Noke at Jackson’s MMA.

I hope he returns, and brings with him a few local belts and its enough metal to have the UFC brass give the kid a shot. (He’s my home town boy!)


*Side note for those that also don’t know Melbourne allows MMA but only in rings not a cage, the state is DESPERATE to get this legislation changed. It would sell out an 80k arena easily.

The state is sports mad! lol they had 57 thousand just just for a WWE event in 02 and then 54k the next day for a repeat show. It’s why I’m hanging for an Aussie / Melbourne mma star :P

CREDIT FNA-Australia for the story break

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DICKS getting kicked in!

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the dicks, thats what you’ll find in this PAINBOW episode.

As the pubic hair in your hamburger of mma delivers another great but fucked up show…

You can catch all of his shows by subscribing to his YouTube channel or simply join us in your shitty tribue to the handless cartoon freak in our thread as is updated daily the second his dribble hits the airwaves of unfortunate passers by… (both links below)

Todays Ep.

To subscribe to Tommys show click here

To join our chat and watch his older shit click here


Either way the mma cartoon world is fucked, he’s already told us he’s staying til he dies…. That’s why we watch him…. waiting…waiting……

(no he good)

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Marina Shifar vs Chandra Engel

Marina is a 5-0 amateur and teammate of UFC WBantamweight Champion. She made her debut last night against 0-1 pro Chandra Engel. Fight link is below.

- Bozy




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Update on Ortiz vs Shlememko Official and Rebney just trying to sort out the commission



Tito has accepted to fight his own sponsored fighter (yep just in case you weren’t aware), Alexander the Bellator 185 pound champ is a Punishment sponsored fighter! The 185′er who could probably make 170, has decided to make himself famous and take on his primary sponsor and called him out a few days ago. Now Tito has accepted and started the hype in whats being dubbed by Tito as a “Rocky 4″ the USA vs Russia fight.


His neck has healed thanks to the stem cell injections (sorry i was unable to embed that video); and big boss Rebney is simply pushing it through for approval of the athletic commission.


This is where it might all become an issue although I hope not.

Tito won’t be able to make it a catch weight with less than 4 weeks notice, and unfortunately Alexander is not any large middle weight so he will be well under 205. Personally I am hoping the commission lets it slide, even if it in my opinion is a bit of a joke fight.  (If I had to guess Tito asked Alexander a week ago, do you want to fight me , well stand and bang, i’ll give you some money on the back end, but what do i really know).


But i feel the PPV needs all the help it can get for it to be a success and I am dying for someone to give the UFC a bit of a run for their money.


Given the enormity of Viacom’s pockets, a positive PPV or even dare I ask for a profitable one; might just be enough for the number crunchers to be held at bay and silenced just long enough for Bellator to have another few shots at the PPV model and in turn force more discount wars and shows to the FANS direction while to giant companies slug it out for market share!


One can only hope!

But at this stage it looks like Bellator is still just surviving on an oily rag to get the PPV off the ground.

Over to you Rebney!

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